Gamma Kappa chapter of Alpha Phi is more than Greek letters and a chapter house. We are a century of emergent leaders, striving scholars, and most importantly, a profound sisterhood that not only enhances the collegiate experience but walks hand-in-hand with you beyond CSULB. Our members’ personalities and interests are wide-ranging because we recognize that these differences are what make our sisterhood so compelling. Through individuality we are strengthened, and through our united purpose we form Gamma Kappa.


Big + Littles

"The flip to my flop, the spring in my step, and the blue in my sky. Together we're Big and Little"

In Alpha Phi, every new member gets matched up with an active member of the sorority, a big sister. This person is there to guide and mentor the new member throughout her experience in Alpha Phi. A Big and Little match is a special bond between two sisters that last a lifetime. 



Beauty + Brains

Alpha Phi aims to help members become well-rounded women academically while also being active ambassadors on campus

As collegiates, we strive to prioritize our academics ahead of everything.  Alpha Phi is proud to say that we have some of the brightest and academically gifted women.  Weekly study hours are scheduled at the house and on campus to help sisters prepare for their classes as well as motivate one another to excel academically. Each semester, we also hold a Scholarship Dinner to reward all the members who receive a 3.5 GPA or higher.